The following programs will be offered in a hybrid format (virtual & in-person) during the Spring & Summer session from May 6th to August 9th, Gentle Yoga, Functional Fitness, Stretch & Relax, Osteo Fitness on Wednesday, Chair Fit, Gentle Chair Yoga, Weight Bearing, Dancercise, and Pilates. Water Colour Art, Singing for Joy, Beginner Bridge and Social Bridge will be offered in-person. The remainder of our Spring & Summer programs, BeFit!, and Osteo Fitness on Tuesday and Friday will be offered in a virtual format through Zoom.

Fitness Programs

Chair Fit - Hybrid

Chair Fit offers a mix of slow and gentle seated conditioning exercises aimed to enhance cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and improve balance. This is a completely seated exercise class tailored to the needs of people with limited mobility. The class is led by our new fitness instructor Azadeh Shooshtari. The class is held on Wednesdays from 11:00-12:00 and is included in our General Membership package.

Osteoporosis Fitness - Virtual or Hybrid

An instructor-led basic weight training class that helps participants increase bone density, decrease risk of osteoporosis, increase metabolic rate while decreasing body fat, increase strength and endurance, and prevent injuries.

Weight Bearing - Hybrid

This class will focus on exercises that involve moving your body weight against gravity. These exercises are typically done standing up, strengthening the legs and arms. Exercises can involve your own body alone or they can be made more challenging by adding free weights (ankle weights), dumbbells or resistance bands.

Stretch & Relax - Hybrid

An instructor-led class that is complimentary with Gentle Fitness, with a focus on stretching the entire body utilizing mats and easy movements.

Gentle Yoga - Hybrid

An instructor-led yoga class geared towards seniors at all levels of fitness with a focus on strength, flexibility and posture.

Functional Fitness - Hybrid

An instructor-led fitness class that includes a mix of seated and standing exercises to enhance cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles and improve balance.

Dancercise - Hybrid

An instructor-led aerobic exercise class that utilizes Latin, ballroom and country dancing.

Pilates - Hybrid

This is a mat class that draws on the basic principles of Pilates. This class focuses on developing core stability and better joint function through a series of accessible exercises, on the floor and standing, the class will explore how bodies were meant to move. This class is safe for people living with osteoporosis.

BeFit! - Virtual

BeFit is a low-impact body conditioning fitness class.  Which includes low-impact aerobics, seated (functional chair), strength training, Stretching and flexibility exercises.

Gentle Chair Yoga - Hybrid

This alternative to traditional floor yoga slowly and gently works to stretch and strengthen key muscles while staying safe and respecting your body's limits. The class is suitable for all experience levels, especially for beginners or people with limited mobility.

*Hybrid format is virtual and in-person

Recreation/Education Programs

Art Instruction: Watercolour Painting - In-person

This course guides you through the many tricks and techniques needed to paint in the delicate medium of watercolour. Explore your artistic side through this soothing and peaceful medium. No experience necessary, all levels are welcomed! Please note that class size is limited.

People & Current Events - Phone Chat

Member led weekly discussion group exploring a wide range of topics from international and local news stories, arts and culture, history, you name it.

Singing for Joy - In-person

A time to gather once a week to enjoy each other's company while making a variety of music together. We will sing songs both well known and new, and learn some simple harmonies as we go along. Singers will be encouraged to make suggestions of songs that would be fun for the group to sing! At the end of the session, family and friends will be invited to join us for a casual sharing of the music we've put together, followed by some refreshments.

Bridge - In-person

Come join us on Monday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:30 to learn the wonderful game of bridge, and have loads of fun playing while learning. If you already know the game, then join us on Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm to play and socialize and make new friends!

Other Services

Friday Hispanic Speaking Group

We provide a congregate setting for hispanic seniors that enhances the quality of life of participants and supports their continued involvement in their community. Services include individual or group activities and provision of snacks and nutritious meals.

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